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XESTA challenges the stations that did not have any teeth at metal jigs and plugs such as Shirasubaito and Ami pattern. A small metal jig based on afterburner mini dramatically evolved and jumped out as a main lure. Along with that, substitute Light Game Rod to take a snapshot of the small bait pattern ‘s blue object and tuning the hook system to enjoy delicate root fish games and so on Increase the number of underlines and Super Light Shore jigging’ SLS ‘is being established. Based on this background, XESTA, which is driving the SLS, will be released with full specifications. Blanks with a high popularity of popular Shoajinguododo, Runway VR and Light Game Rod, Black Star makes it possible to fly off the small metal jig far off the coast, and categories far beyond the area of ​​light games here To be born.

Standard : S84

Full Lenght : 8.4ft

Conduction number : 2

Casting Weight : 5/35 gr

Braid : PE 0.6-1.5


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